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Sure It’s Fun–Until Someone Gets Hurt!

I came across an interesting article on over-regulating playground safety. Fear of litigation has caused New York City officials to remove equipment deemed dangerous (like see-saws) and replace them with safer (and more boring) playground equipment. Safety-first playgrounds take a simplistic approach to safety. They are concerned with safety in the a particular situation, and so ...

How Context Affects Intelligence

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Here's an op-ed on how people think differently given different contexts; it ought to be required reading for high schoolers (and you too). About scarcity in particular, the piece cites research done on Indian sugar farmers: After they sell their harvest, they live in relative prosperity. During this season, the farmers do well on the I.Q. ...

How NOT to Stop Texting and Driving

Texting-while-driving bans are all the fad with state governments trying to reduce collisions caused by distracted drivers. The problem with the political logic is that it assumes bans work. Consider the grandaddy of bans--Prohibition in the US. It made alcohol illegal but did nothing to change the public's desire for it. Prohibition laws were successful in ...

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