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System Redesign Canvas

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I've finally posted the system redesign canvas. It's a simple one-page tool to help anyone working on difficult problems, and especially business analysts, programmers, process design folks, etc. It's a first draft, so let me know what you think. In exchange for the feedback I will place your name on my office wall, where I will ...

Naive Objectivity and the McNamara Fallacy

In this age of dataharvest many feel a sense of empowerment in their ability to measure and extrapolate from measurement. And indeed, measurement is a magnificently useful tool. But if held too tightly, if the seeming certainty it provides becomes a motivation in itself, the process of measurement can turn on its user. One common way the tool ...

What hacking Shakespeare can teach organizational IT

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Last year I did some quick-and-dirty computer-aided text analysis on two Quartos of Hamlet, and it struck me how differently information technology is received in the so-called digital humanities than in workaday organizations. Shakespeare scholars will jealously defend their texts, holding the technology suspect, forcing it to prove its value. And even if it can prove ...

The Transparency Fallacy

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Who is not a fan of informal logic? Who can resist the exploration of the subtle mis-turns of reasoning that lead us into the swamp of error? In honor of professor whatshisname, who was gracious enough to let me pass his logic class, I induct an Internet-age fallacy into the great book of fallacies. It's called the ...

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