An Unusual Path to Socialized Healthcare

If you’re a 59 year old man, with a bad back, arthritis, a lame foot and no job, you might rationally choose to get the healthcare you need by robbing a bank.

On June 9, such a man did just that. After losing his job and failing to land another, with bills mounting and ailments worsening, with no promising options for making a living or finding treatment, he planned, as logically as he could, a way to get a few years of decent healthcare.

He chose a bank at random, walked in and handed the teller a note demanding one dollar. He then waited for the police on a sofa in the bank’s lobby.

The guy is hopeful. He wants three years or so. Maybe he’s not crazy–he’s been in jail for week and has already seen several nurses and is to see a physician soon.

The lesson: People will adapt the system to meet their ends; even if it means they end up in prison. After all, it’s easy to break in.

My guess is that it won’t be long before some jackass says that the problem with prisons is that they’re too easy to get in to.

The whole story is here.

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